[SOLVED] How to delete a dead node from a zwave stick

after I added the “ABUS Z-Wave HomeTec CFA3010” door lock to the Z-Wave database - thanks to Chris, Bruce and suhui :slight_smile: - I have to remove two “ghost” nodes (nodes 10 and 11) from my Aeotec Z-Wave USB stick. These ghost nodes were generated BEFORE successful inclusion of the door lock.
Because I’m running a linux system, I tried to use the ZWave tools “ZenSys” and “HS3” in a virtual machine and tried to delete the ghost nodes. But without success. The software asks me to initialize the exclusion procedure by pressing the button - which is impossible because I included the door lock successfully. And starting the exclusion to my mind will delete the door lock instead of the ghost knodes.
I tried the binding to delete it from the ZWave USB stick by

  • Set the “ghost” node into editing mode
  • Enabled “Set device as FAILed”
  • Saved the changes

As I read in certain threads the ZWave USB stick will only remove failed I hoped that this marked the “ghost” node as failed in the ZWave USB stick’s internal database.
So in the next step I

  • Set the “ghost” node into editing mode again
  • Enabled “Remove device from controller”
  • Saved the changes again

Then I deleted the xml files which where generated during inclusion of the “ghost” nodes from the {userdata}/Zwave folder.
But every time I’m searching for new ZWave things the “ghost” nodes I thought that were deleted appear again.

So is there working solution or work around for this problem?

I’m running openHAB2 v2.5 on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: