[SOLVED] Thermostat stopped working with Google home

I have a RCS TBZ48 that was working fine with Google home (whenever Google home was working) but since the latest update it quit working. I don’t know if it was the openhab update (no errors in log and it works fine via paperui and habpanel) or the back end update with the Google home integration over on GitHub or something else that broke it.

2.5 m5
Zulu java 8
Lubuntu 18.04
Running on Samsung xe700t1a
4gb ram 128gb SSD ~110gb free

Item file:

Every other item works fine with Google home now that the back end has been updated. Just the thermostat is not working.

What openHAB version are you running?

2.5 m5
Zulu java 8
Lubuntu 18.04
Running on Samsung xe700t1a
4gb ram 128gb SSD ~110gb free
Will post full spec list when I get home if needed. (Have a text file cause I can’t remember everything)

There is a thread for 2.5M5 issues

You think this may be a 2.5m5 issue? I wasn’t sure if that or the back end update or just something on my end. I will post there to see if anyone has an idea

Wrong tag, please read the docs:

The [lighting] tag is on a lighting item. I just posted my entire item list in case something else was wrong with my formatting. There is no [lighting] tag in my thermostat groups.

With a wrong tag your whole file may not be working.

Oh - the tags need quotation marks now. I’ll change that when I get back to the computer. I also see the homekit tag is in the thermostat groups per the docs. A couple months ago when I ordered the thermostat everyone was removing that tag to get it to work (partly) so I’ll try adding that back in.

Fixed tags to match the guide. Lights still work fine but thermostat still does not.

Not sure what is wrong here.
Going to link this thread in the 2.5m5 issues thread in case it has something to do with that.

Still a wrong tag:

[ "homekit:TargetTemperature" ]

Important for users that used a single item with tag “CurrentTemperature” to abuse the Google Thermostat type as a temperature sensor.
This will NOT work anymore. You now always have to create a Thermostat Group and add the “CurrentTemperature” item.

Taken from openHAB Google Assistant Integration v2.0

From the docs.

“Number [“homekit:TargetTemperature”] as part of Thermostat.”

I also tried without the homekit. Still nothing.
Also tried with homekit only on the mode. Still nothing.

Not using a single item. Everything is part of a thermostat group.

Just noticed… You seem to miss the String item for heatingmode. This is how Rich has done it in his example in the 2.0 version you link to:

String vBasement_Mode "Basement Heating Mode [%s]"
    (vBasement_Thermostat) [ "homekit:TargetHeatingCoolingMode" ]

I did the same to my thermostats. And they work fine.

Number or string should be valid based on your model of thermostat but I will check. My thermostat defaults to number for mode when I set it up in openhab so thats what I used.

Update - tried string - didn’t help.

But it´s required with the latest update… String should always be working, at minimum

As noted here openHAB Google Assistant Integration v2.0 google assistant is not working with Fahrenheit - github issues have been filed.

Marking this as solved since the problem is known and a fix is incoming.