What tablet are you using for habpannel (CHAT)

Hi everyone I’m thinking about upgrading my habpannel next.

what tablets/devices are you all using I’m looking for cheap (not bottom of barrel but acceptable) so no ipads

All im after is semi decent screen (so habpannel looks nice) & can disable lock screen (fire tablet this can’t be done?)

What are you all using? Are you using standard tablets like Samsung & fire ect or are you using a DIY solution

Well, what do you intend to use it for? Are you going to carry it around the house?

I have a wall-mounted 24-in. touchscreen monitor driven by an orange pi running chromium browser.

…and a small Fire 7 as the mobile “remote” but also rarely gets used since we all have smartphones at home…

tbh i have just been using an old iphone mounted on wall with 8 quick use buttons (Movie mode ect) on screen for my habpannel, my system is still small but i am now at the point where it would be usfull to remove the phone and use a tablet to better utilise the screen space, (i do have a bigger habpannel setup running on the OH server)

im not into the idea of spending too much on this device as it only needs to access hapbannels webpage i see no point in using ipads and other big brand tablets,

i was thinking something like the fire tablet myself unless there are better options at this price point

i do like the sound of your 24" Touch screen sounds very nice could you upload a picture of what your habpannel looks like ? how do you find the fire tablet i read somewhere you cant disable the lock screen and just keep habpannel on screen 24/7

most of my system runs automatically and im planning on adding a google home or echo to controll the system with voice (i do own a GH haven’t tried to integrate it yet) i just need a device that can be mounted on the wall for super quick access to some triggers

I was lucky enough to have purchased some Fire7’s maybe 1.5 years back when they were still rootable, and I disabled all possibility of auto firmware update.

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that looks very nice, I think its a bit big for my house, there is less on your screen than i expected it looks more advanced than my pannel. your lucky then with the rooted fire tablets

does your habpannel swap through different pannels ?
how did you add all your items too the white boxes?
im also planning on adding an alarm system was it hard too create your number pad?
could you give me a preview of your rule that makes the keypad work how does it know what numbers are pressed in the right order?

Well, I just got home when I took the photo :slight_smile: I’ve just disabled the alarm LOL, that’s why its on that dashboard page.

Yes, I created a screen saver feature, found HERE and HERE

They are all custom widgets, I can share the code if you like…

I have two keypads available:

thanks for that, I havent even looked into any custom widgets yet i have just been using sliders,dummys,buttons im pretty new too this

Yes if you dont mind i will save it and have a look at it at somepoint

i will have too have a read of all the links you sent me i have had a quick look but its alot too read but will be worth the read thanks for that

i was just thinking when i leave home some security stuff could happen (NOTHING IN PLACE ATM) and habpannel could swap too a screen with a keypad to disable whatever i setup

what is your security system is it a standalone system that you have added to OH or is it a DIY solution?

It’s a DIY. Basically a Honeywell Vista 20p connected to an alarmdecoder and EyezOn (monitored).

I have my tablet ready, just don’t know how to use OH well enough yet.
Fire Tablet with Fully Kiosk Browser (&APP Lockdown). It is for using a tablet as a demo display.
This method doesn’t really turn the tablet off and back on, just set the screen to black but it makes it very quick to respond.

It does need to be plugged in all the time.

In Fully under “Device Management”, set Screensaver URL (PLUS) to “dim:” (no quotes)
Developer Options will prevent sleep. Tap Model number? 7 times then click stay awake.
I have keep screen on set to ON
launch on boot set to on
screen off timer set to 0
screensaver timer set to 30
screensaver url set to dim:

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i’m interested in adding something like the white pannels you have listed in post

just something to look at quick and check the state of the system when stuff was last detected/changed ect hoping for something looking like your but with information like

Morning Mode :last run on date time
bed mode :last run on date time

i havent used any custom widgets ect so not a clue where to start
could you share your code pls and maby point me in the direction i need to go

The white panels are just bootstrap panels, but I actually posted it as a custom widget here

Thanks m8 What are bootstrap panels?

i’ve got an older samsung sm-t320 8.4 inch and a new fire 7 i got for free (running FKB). even without root once you get into FKB if you keep it from dumping out by using screensaver and developer mode and all that jazz it’ll very rarely drop back to the app launcher. bestbuy has some halfway decent 8" tabs for 60 bucks but the resolution isnt great so you can’t get a lot on the screen. that overall isn’t a bad thing since lots of stuff on a small screen makes it hard to use…