Z-Wave S2 Security Work

(dbadia) #1

Starting a new discussion for this work. Been reading through the documentation to get familiar with the S2 spec and getting acclimated with the OH2 Zwave codebase.

@chris I see this note in the class javadoc of CommandClassSecurityV1:
Note that this code is autogenerated. Manual changes may be overwritten.

Do you have a tool that generates code/template from the C headers in the
Device and Command Class Types and Defines Specification ?

Or is that just wishful thinking? :grinning:

Z-Wave "Z-Shave" Vulnerability
(dbadia) #2

Update: my work on the S2 + Smart Start is going well, I almost to the point where I am ready to do some basic testing. But, I need to put this work on hold temporarily to give attention to the Lowes Iris shutdown work. Once I make some headway there I will resume this work.