[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

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(JP) #265

ok i understand how you could capture the on state of a CEN but how do you capture the off state? there isn’t really one.
For example i have a Cook CEN in the kitchen/Open dining Room, i can push the button to activate this Cen, but i also have a Dinner button at the same place wich activates another CEN turns on an off some of the same lights as the Cook CEN, wich means that every CEN should turn off the stored state of some other particular CENs? Not easy to configure…
Or am I wrong

(Massimo) #266

sorry folks, but is better to use another thread, and leave this as a general thread on the binding new versions and malfunctions:


(Massimo) #267

@Alberto_C how did you create this item you show in the picture?
I confirm correct tags are added if items are added automatically using PaperUI (Configuration > System > Item Linking > Simple mode > SAVE), so they are ready to go to be used by Google Home/Alexa.

Otherwise if you create items manually (via PaperUI or via .items file), then YES you have to add tags after creation.


(Alberto Cervella) #268

Items have been added via PaperUI, but I did not have the simple mode active.
Thanks for the explanation.

Another question: X8000 thermostat is supported?

(Massimo) #269

No, this device is using a different integration protocol and is not supported by the binding at the moment.


(Michele) #270

Continuing the discussion from [BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing:

congratulations to all !!!
I have problems handling shutter with HomeKit while directly with Openhab they work well.
OpenHab 2.4.0.Mx
Openwebnet 2.4.0.b7
HomeKit 2.4.0

OpenHab OK
Scan (no .items) protocoll OpenWeb OK , Control OK, Light OK, Dimmer OK, Shutter OK

I can not see the rolladen devices on the iPhone app
What am I doing wrong ?
I tried with .items but I do not have the shutter devices on app, light and dimmer OK

Thank you

Bridge openwebnet:bus_gateway:mybridge [ host=“”, passwd=“12345” ] {
bus_automation myshutter “Living room Shutter” [ where=“91”, shutterRun=“12000” ]
Rollershutter LR_Bus_Shutter “Shutter [%.0f %%]” (FF_Salon) [ “Blinds” ] {channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:myshutter:shutter” }
Rollershutter VR1_FF_Salon “VR1 Salon” (GF_Kitchen, Shutters) [ “Blinds” ]{channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:a477e11b:91” }

(stefan) #271

not shure but perhaps try this edits:

Rollershutter LR_Bus_Shutter “Shutter [%.0f %%]” (FF_Salon) {channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:myshutter:shutter” }
Rollershutter VR1_FF_Salon “VR1 Salon” (GF_Kitchen, Shutters) <Blinds>{channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:a477e11b:91” }
  • i know “Ting” is not in example, i think it will work without but more correct to put it in
  • items icon “blinds” has to be in “<…>” and not in “[”…"]"

(Massimo) #272

If by “iPhone app” you mean Apple HomeKit and Siri, then I am not sure that rollershutters are supported yet by the OH2 HomeKit addon; at least from this documentation it looks like there is no tagging support for shutters in HomeKit addon:


(Michele) #273

I also doubt.
I do not know if the documentation is updated to the latest beta version
I would like to have a definitive confirmation.

(Michele) #274

thanks for the suggestion, tonight I try

(Massimo) #275

Surely online docs are iupdated to the latest official version, 2.3.0.
I see you are on 2.4.0.Mx,so probably they are adding more in the Milestone version.

Since it’s not strictly related to the OWN binding but rather to HomeKit support, i invite you to continue the conversation in other threads to keep this thread for issues related to the binding itself.


(Michele) #276

how can I create .items to send a frame command directly?

*6 * 10 * 4000 ##

(open the lock of the canceletto)

*# 1 * 74 * # 2 * 0 * 4 * 0 ##

(time command)

Thank you

(Arnaud) #277

Hi Michele,
Fot command the door lock, use the binding 1.12 or 1.13 snapshot present in openhab 2 interfaces.

  • Configure the bticino.cfg folder
  • Add this line on item folder
  • Example
    Switch Portail_1 “Serrure Portail” (Video) {bticino=“if=default;who=6;what=10;where=4000”}

Read these docs :

Actually Bticino openhab2 binding does not support video door entry system (VDES)

(Michele) #278

Massimo, you’re doing a great job.

An implementation proposal

It could be useful to use conversion function:

input : openwebnet frame (Sensor, Lights, CEN, CEN +, etc …)
output : command or comands frame.

The same function has no input and output a frame command (Lights, Push, CEN etc …

What do you think ?

Good evening

(Michele) #279

Hi Massimo,

I’m running tests.
I noticed that when you create items a Light the “Lighting” Tags are inserted while in the shutters the “” Tags is null.
My doubt, this is not why the shutters are not seen in the Homekit?
Thank you

(Michele) #280

Hi Massimo,

In the official version of HomeKit it is not managed

It works in the modified version 2.3.0, it is managed as “Blinds” tags

Truly a pity that it is not managed, I wonder why

(Massimo) #281

Hi @gozilla01

  • blinds tag: I will add it to the next beta8 version for shutter things, just to be prepared when the Blinds tag will be officially supported by HomeKit. In the meantime, you can add the tag yourself either by defining the item via .items file (which I suggest) or via REST API, see here for how to.

  • conversion function and send command directly:
    I am not sure I understand what you mean by “conversion function”. However I like the idea of giving the possibility to define manually via .items/.things files a generic thing and item that can send OpenWebNet frames directly. I suggest you describe this clearly with a good example of expected channels as a wanted feature in the binding’s issue list:


(Michele) #282

Hi Massimo,

blinds tag

yes, I used the configuration from .items, it works

conversion function

I entered isseu

thank you

(Giuseppe ) #283

Hi All,
I’m configuring my home by using openHab2 and orange PI Zero.
I’d configured my HomeServer1 but after checking my “things” in UI Panel, i’ve found only the lights as “BUS Switch” but not my “Automation”. Better, it seems that my Automation thing were recognized as Switch.

Is there any mode to “override” that configuraton? I’m trying to find config file in my OrangePI, but I don’t see any .thing config file.

Could you help me?
Thanks and regards

(Massimo) #284

a new release of the OpenWebNet biding is available: beta8.

This new release is a bug-fixing release:

  • [FIX #25] added Blinds tag for shutter channels (Rollershutter items)
  • [FIX #17] now a disconnection from the gateway is detected within few minutes
  • [FIX #10] now an automatic STOP command is sent when a new Position/UP/DOWN command is sent while already moving
  • [FIX #18] at startup (for example after a power outage) the binding now tries periodically to connect to the BTicino Gateway
  • [BUG] now a decimal setpointTemperature (21.5 °C) is sent as decimal to the thermostat and not as integer
  • [FIX #20] added support for dimmerLevel100 levels when dimmers are changed from myhomescreen or touchscreen
  • [FIX #16] dimmers now save last state if switched off from openHAB
  • [FIX] now Command Translation (1000#WHAT) is supported in Lighting
  • updated README examples and added .sitemap example
  • moved to new GitHub repository, forked from openhab/openhab2-addons

Installation and Upgrade

The binding is also published on the Eclipse IoT Marketplace.
If you cannot find the binding in the search, probably you have an issue with certificates in your Java environment, that must be updated. Follow this solution to add the required certificates to access all bindings on the Marketplace.

To install/upgrade to the new version, follow the instructions in the README.

JAR File: https://github.com/mvalla/openhab2-addons/releases/download/beta8/org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-2.4.0-b8.jar

For any help/issue on the new binding, write here in this thread.

As usual, a special thanks goes to those who helped testing the preview release! (see README for a list).