openHAB 4 migration FAQ

Great initiative!

I would suggest to also add this thread to the FAQ:

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Hi to All,

I’m also facing very high CPU loads. Before Upgrading to 4.0.1 I was running OH3.4.1 without any issues @ average CPU Load ~15-20%.

Running on, Raspberry PI 4, 8GB, Samsung 890 M.2 500GB

BTW: for OH4.0.1 I made a complete new Setup up on a new Harddrive, but I “configured” OH with a Backup.

Can you change the display option in htop to show the thread names?
That makes it easier to figure out what is causing the load.



I hope I made it as requested…

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It could be event handling related based on those thread names.

There have been a few PRs regarding event handling which may have caused performance issues:
#3141, #3299, #3523, #3533, #3702

I was reading the PR’s, but reading does not mean understanding - thats too complex for my simple mind :wink:

Is there a way to check those EventTrigger-Issue for simple “end-users”?

Im running OH with 442 things, 1839 items, 322 rules (all in DSL)… I’ll have a horrible night, thinking of maybe checking everything or maybe updating a massive portion of my configuration…

I also seem to have this issue now (with 4.0.1):

 5147 openhab   20   0  887048 581872   4768 R  98.7  58.5 102:08.36 upnp-main-queue

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Is it necessary to also remove the comment in the line

# initialconfig=/boot/

in openhabian.conf?

Yes, in openhabian.conf

Update: I haven’t seen this issue for some days, but moments ago it reappeared while I was stress testing the Hue binding.

openhab> threads | grep upnp-main-queue
"upnp-main-queue" Id=371383 in RUNNABLE
"pipe-grep upnp-main-queue" Id=374317 in RUNNABLE
openhab> threads 371383
Thread 371383 upnp-main-queue RUNNABLE
java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.awaitMatch line: 652
java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.xfer line: 616
java.util.concurrent.LinkedTransferQueue.poll line: 1294
org.jupnp.QueueingThreadPoolExecutor$ line: 194 line: 833

That line:

So after reading:

I’m now suspecting this is also caused by:

This would mean it’s a bug in openjdk 17, not in openHAB, and there’s nothing we can easily do about it.

You gotta be kidding me, now:


11216 openhab   20   0 1318172 472096   4528 S 256.2  47.4   4740:45 java

top -H -p 11216:

25409 openhab   20   0 1318172 471856   4528 R  99.7  47.4  93:36.83 upnp-main-queue
30546 openhab   20   0 1318172 471856   4528 R  99.7  47.4  15:19.09 safeCall-queue

Hit by both cases.

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Dear community members, please respect forum policy / posting rules.
Stay on topic and stay tight. The topic is FAQ here.
For anything not strictly related and of relevance to the FAQ, open your own threads.
Same if you want to discuss any of the FA questions in more detail.
When you do in wide-ranged or overview-like threads like this one, it’s quickly becoming an unreadable mess.
Thank you.

How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

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You might also want to add to the FAQ that old and incompatible OH 3.x .jar/.kar files in the /addons dir (or installed via the Marketplace) should be removed/updated. They can cause a lot of issues as observed in: Endless loop during start of OH4.0.2 service after upgrade from OH4.0.1

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I wonder if this should be done by the upgrade processes in the various installation methods. They can move them to a different folder perhaps (they should not delete them). And of course they should log out that it’s moved them.

Because it causes such a significant problem, and the end user is going to have to do something to manually download and install the newer version anyway, I don’t see that much of a down side. Shall I open an issue or is there something obvious here I’m not seeing that makes it a bad idea?

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Yes I agree that this should be handled better so I welcome the issue. :slight_smile:

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