USB Zigbee Stick

I bought a new MMB Research RapidSE ZigBee Stick. I plugged into my raspberry pi? But how do I check if it is working.

ls /dev/USB

I installed the ZigBee bindings. What else do I need to do? I have a smart things button but it is not being detected.

I don’t believe that it will work as from my previous discussions on this stick, it doesn’t use the standard EZSP protocol.

Otherwise you can try the Ember driver to see if that works, but I’m not too hopeful.

what stick would you recommend?

you installed serial binding right?
I have a Linear HUSBZB-1 see the first post in this thread for a picture of it. It does zigbee & zwave I use both. It cost me about $30 usd

here is another link to a thread I started while trying to get mine working. and it includes many things to check and how

Here is a link where Lorenzo is trying to get his working - lots of great debugging techniques

Here is link to the zigbee binding thread (over 2000 posts) basically the encyclepedia of zigbee development

These things won’t help if the binding does not support the dongle :wink: . This dongle, while it’s an Ember inside, uses custom firmware.

As suggested above, the HUSBSB-1 is a good option in the US as it also contains ZWave.

Otherwise, the Telegesis ETRX357 dongle is well supported, but does not have a good upgrade path (although that said, the HUSBZB-1 is also limited in this respect because it doesn’t contain a bootloader so also can’t be updated).

In Europe there is another dongle made by Bitron and sold by Qivicon which includes the EM357 - it will work well under Linux, but as it has non-standard device codes, it’s not recognised in Windows or Mac.

The other option is the TI2531 based dongles - these are ok, but have issues at the moment with support. I’m currently rewriting the driver for this so hopefully the newer firmware will be supported in future.

What button would you recommend with this stick?

I’m not sure what a “button” is in this context? Do you mean some sort of remote control?

Basically a push button – I want some things to be turned on when the button is pressed. Google flic that’s another one.

I want a simplest / cheapest solution. Does not have to be zigbee based

The hue wireless dimmer switch is $25 locally and it works with zigbee dongle or hue hub and you get 4 buttons. I use mine to turn on and off the music and adjust the volume

Hi chris, do you have a link for the stick? i don´t find a dongle wich contains zigbee and z wave.

Sorry - I missed this…

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