Zigbee Dongle - Compatible

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(Richard) #42

Hi Fellow Openhab users,

i’ve got my hands on a ZiGate Zigbee USB stick.
I’m new to zigbee but it seems that this stick covers almost all hardware. (including Xiaomi)

But the binding is not covering this NXP chip.

See/Get the hardware for your self.

and the details regarding the serial port / protocol.

hope that its compatible in some way, and happy to help

(Ole Kristian Lona) #43

Hello. I have had this happen. Normally, you then just need to wait a few seconds, and try again :slight_smile:


(Hartmut Schwensen) #44

Hi Ole,

Thanks, I forgot to reply. Finally it worked with your reset hint and the firmware that comes with the software as it is described in the openHAB binding.


(Antares2001) #45


I live in Germany and am looking to get a supported USB stick for ZigBee, as I have IKEA Tradfri bulbs here as well as an (currently not managed, as it seems not to work with the IKEA hardware) Osram Smart+ bulb.

From the thread I didn’t get whether there is any ZigBee stick recommended for use with OpenHAB that works with the current OpenHAB version. If you could please give me a hint, I’d be very happy about it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

(Chris Jackson) #46

I know I keep repeating this, but I’ll do so again :wink: . Xiaomi is not compliant to ZigBee so don’t expect it to work 100% (or even at all in the case of some devices).

I don’t anticipate this being supported any time soon - sorry.

(Chris Jackson) #47

Currently you can use the Telegesis ETRX3, or the Digi XStick. Some other devices may work (namely anything with the Ember chip using the standard Ember NCP firmware) but there are no good commercial options available unfortunately (except in the USA).

(Antares2001) #48

Hello @chris

thanks for the quick reply. I seem not able to find those two in Germany (at least on eBay, I discover then some dvb-t stuff but not ZigBee).

Would this guy work as well? https://www.ebay.de/itm/CC2531-Sniffer-Protocol-Analyzer-Wireless-Module-USB-Interfac-For-Zigbee-DE/391824481509

I read on the binding site it would require a firmware flash, but that seems pretty well documented and I have an Ubuntu machine here, so I assume that would work.

Any news on the ConBee stick? That one was the first that Google returned to me when I searched for ZigBee and Raspberry Pi.

Thanks a lot.

(Antares2001) #49

Ah - by the way. Has anybody been successful with Osram Smart+ bulbs adding to IKEA Tradfri gateway? That would be the best solution, if that worked.

(Chris Jackson) #50

Other online shops are also available :wink:


Maybe. In principal yes, it will work if you have the correct firmware. You may also need to buy the programmer to load the firmware. Personally, I try and avoid recommending this stick as it is more DIY and it can be problematic to program with the correct firmware, but if you want to try, then it may be a little cheaper once you have bought the card and programmer.

(Antares2001) #51

Thanks @chris

I googled for it but must have overseen that vendor. Thanks a lot.

I just realized that with a bit more patience (and a fresh battery :wink: ) the IKEA remote can also be paired and control the Osram bulb (tested it). I’ll check later whether it can actually then be included in the IKEA gateway. In that case I wouldn’t need an extra device.

(Antares2001) #52

Okay - just as a quick update and for the case anybody is interested: I managed to include the Osram Smart+ bulb in the IKEA Tradfri gateway as any other IKEA bulb. Dimmer works without issues. Colors, however, are shown in the app but regardless of which I chose, the bulb turns only to either cold white or warm white without any nouances visible to me.

So principally it works and the dim-only bulbs are for me now definitely an option over the Tradfri bulbs, as Amazon sold them yesterday at same price, but to drive to IKEA is far and more expensive than ordering the Osram at Amazon :slight_smile:

(Hartmut Schwensen) #53

@antares2001Can you please let me know if the Ikea bulbs are only working with the Tradfri gateway of if you are able to directly connect the bulbs. i have a working CC2531 but I am unable to pair.

(Curlyel) #54

Mine are working on CC2531 with firmware CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_LinkKeyJoin.hex, see:

(Uwe) #55

How (which menu / command) did you get any (hue/iris) zigbee devices included in openhab? The zigbee stick is configured but I can not find any menu how to “include” devices to the CC2531 zigbee controller.

The following was done and is working:

  • FW flashed CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex
  • added openhab user to group dialout and tty
    => GUI: Configuration=>Things=>CC2531EMK Coordinator turns green.

(Curlyel) #56

Usually, you have to reset your bulbs and then start the zigbee discovery of the zigbee binding (paper-UI -> inbox -> “+” -> ZigBee Binding).

In case of the Hue bulbs, a Hue Zigbee remote is quite useful to reset the bulbs. Other manufactures (Osram Lightify, Ikea Tradfri) have the option of cycling the power multiple times to reset (“unpair”) their devices.

(Uwe) #57

That helped! After starting the discovery the logs shows:
[bee.discovery.ZigBeeDiscoveryService] - Starting ZigBee scan for zigbee:coordinator_cc2531:fa450351
[tsystems.zigbee.ZigBeeNetworkManager] - Permit join to 65532/0 for 60 seconds.

Unfortunately I do have a Phillips IRIS Living Color Gen2 Lamp, which uses Zigbee but seems to be different in behavior than standard HUE products. More reading and trying needed on my side.

(Uwe) #58

After trying to include several times (without any obvious failure reasons), now the Phillips IRIS light is succesfully included in OpenHab.

(Claudius Ellsel) #59

Any news on the Qivicon Stick? I have read on another thread that there were users capable of making it work? But did not find much more apart from that or any documentation on how to make it work.

(Chris Jackson) #60

What news are you looking for? It has been supported now for about 6 months on Linux.

It is the same as the Telegesis dongle (it IS a Telegesis dongle).

(Claudius Ellsel) #61

Oh, did not know that, thanks for the update!

Is there a list of supported sticks/some documentation? I guess most users don’t know that it is a Telegesis dongle and also you wrote above (Zigbee Dongle - Comptabile) that the hardware and firmware probably is a bit different.