Thermostat items for voice control (Echo/Alexa and Google Assistant)

I own the beautiful Spirit thermostat ( and I would like to set the temperature via Echo/Google Assistant voice commands. I found those recommendations from the Echo binding thread:

… and from Homekit binding:

What is the relation between the 13 modes the thermostat is able to run (see device page above) and the “homekit:HeatingCoolingMode” setting?

And how will I use it? Will the user call these Homekit modes (how?) and I should translate it to the corresponding operation mode of my valve? Or what is the exact approach? Maybe someone has an example?

Thanks for help!

Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Same issue here:

and here

And another point: Do I need to install the Homekit binding for this? Note, I don’t want to use Homekit itself but only Amazon Echo an Google Home.

I found this

Would that be the proper approach? As the homekit.cfg is edited, I would have to install the Homekit binding, but without actively using it, right?

I’ve started using node red to control ny thermostats. That works pretty well. Currently I only use the setpoint part. But I have plans to implement the option to turn them on and off as well. I can post a screenshot later tonight if you want?

Thanks, I’ll take any help :slight_smile:


You also can use “dummy items” and rules.

See here:


Thanks for your help.

Hmm. Is there no simpler way to “translate” the modes between Homekit and my specific thermostat?

Sorry, I don’t know an other solution.

I tried to get an overview. Must people follow the approach you proposed - @Celaeno1, thanks again!

However, others modify a file called homekit.cfg, see [SOLVED] Configure Google Home with Homatic Thermostat. But I don’t know if the file would be considered as I did not install the Homekit binding (I am on Android).

Another approach seems to be to create a map file to “translate” from Homekit’s strings to the strings describing the valve mode. Not sure if this would allow me to avoid writing a rule? See MAP function or oder to connect Max! Thermostat "Mode" to Dummy item for Google Home interaction - in this example, map files and rules are used where I would prefer to use only the first and avoid the latter. Would that work?


It’s up to you. I think you have a sitemap, too. There are mapped items. And you need a rule anyway. Choose the solution you feel most comfortable with.

I got it running. But I would like to switch the valve to the certain modes (Auto, off, …).
What is the voice command to switch the HeatingCoolingMode? Thanks.

Here is my issue:

“Alexa, turn the heating to 22 degrees” - > “Thermostat heating is set to 22 degrees”
“Alexa, switch the heating off” -> “Thermostat heating does not support this”
(from German)

Can anyone help? Please check Thermostat works well in Google Home, but not with Alexa

Okay, I used a workaround to set the modes. But I would need some programming support to simplify my rules: Help for rule simplification

Thanks for help!