VS Code openHAB Extension!

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(Jerome) #203

I haven’t used it myself yet, so only thing i can do is point you to some tutorials about that topic:

General Security Informations:

Apache Version:

NGINX Version:

(Ward) #204

I’m using VS code now for while to script and edit config files of OpenHAB. I’m also pushing everything to a git repository. In the past I was just using the Git CMD, but since VS Code also supports Git + network shares I wanted to try this.
The strange thing is that VS Code seems to see repositories that aren’t there. I’m testing this with a network share on my Pi3 (also tried this on another Pi with LibreElec installed, same…). When I do pull the same remote repository to a share on my NAS, the behavior is as it should.

I looks like VS Code doesn’t like a Pi-share… Git CMD or Git GUI are both working fine in the same shares.
I’ll try to add a screenshot this evening if this is not clear.